Monday, February 8, 2010

The Island Life

Jeremiah Stettler, who reports on Salt Lake County government for The Salt Lake Tribune, writes today about "islands" within the county--in this case, 33 enclaves surrounded by the city of Sandy that remain unincorporated. The people who populate these scattered residences prefer to get their services from the county--trash collection, police and fire, street maintenance.

Back in the '90s, these residents made it clear they liked being islanders within the bigger, growing city of Sandy. And yet one of those islands--the unincorporated area of Granite (far eastern edge of Sandy) will vote in November to determine whether it should become a township and remain free of incorporation within Sandy.

Is it self-determination? Is it a cheaper way to live with lower taxes? I must say living so seems rather charming. What do you think?

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