Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Open Up!

I went to the House Democratic Caucus meeting today. It was fascinating. I've been before, as a reporter, but I'm wearing a candidate hat now. I introduced myself as a candidate for Salt Lake County Council and they gave me a warm reception.

Interestingly, on the floor directly beneath us at the Capitol the House Republican Caucus was also meeting--in secret. That's the way of doing business with the House majority. Apparently, the members decided to push their own version of a legislative ethics package, perhaps saving the citizens of Utah from deciding the issue for themselves on the 2010 ballot. It would have been great to hear the discussion surrounding the ethics issue.

I think the GOP may finally be getting the message. People are sick to death of business as usual at the Legislature. They're afraid to leave it to the voters.

And I'm glad the Democrats continue to hold open caucus meetings, where they are doing the people's business.

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